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ARBITRUM: Next generation scaling for Ethereum Dapps

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum's™ 3 scaling modes

Rollup (Beta)

Arbitrum Rollup can scale any Ethereum contract. It's the ideal scaling solution for many DeFi apps and any application which is open to public participation. Arbitrum Rollup contracts enjoy the fully trustless security of the underlying blockchain, all while simultaneously increasing the dapp's capacity and greatly reducing costs.

Channels (Coming soon)

For contracts with a fixed set of participants, Arbitrum channels takes scaling to the next level and offers the same trustless security as Rollup, but even lower costs. Arbitrum channels is the ideal solution for most blockchain games.

Sidechains (Coming soon)

Sidechains have a permissioned set of validators and guarantee correctness as long as even one is honest using Arbitrum's AnyTrust guarantee. Sidechains offer the reduced costs of channels with the flexibility of Rollup.

Which scaling mode is right for you?

Security Privacy Public Participation Validation Cost Finality Censorship Resistant
Rollup Trustless Permissionless Low Same as L1
Sidechains AnyTrust Permissioned Lowest Instant
Channels Trustless All participants validate Lowest Instant
L1 Ethereum Trustless Permissionless High Minutes

Why Arbitrum?


High Capacity

Arbitrum supercharges dapps by breaking out beyond the underlying blockchain's computational and storage limits

Low Costs

Arbitrum runs at a fraction of the cost of native L1 contracts. Arbitrum has low fixed on-chain costs for storage and computation, no matter how many resources you use.


Instant porting

No new coding paradigms or programming languages to learn here. The Arbitrum toolchain automatically converts your existing Solidity contracts to Arbitrum contracts. Arbitrum works with web3,ethers, and go-ethereum so you don’t have to rewrite your front-end either.


Seamlessly and securely transfer tokens between Arbitrum and the L1 blockchain. That's right -- your existing tokens are fully supported by Arbitrum. Right out of the box.


Guaranteed Correctness

Unlike other projects that don't give the same security as the underlying blockchain, Arbitrum guarantees correctness and is as fully trustless and secure as the blockchain it's built on.

Private channels and sidechains

If you're looking for private smart contracts, you've come to the right place. Arbitrum channels and sidechains offer strong privacy modes guaranteeing that nobody other than the participants of an Arbitrum channel or the validators of a sidechain can see the application's code or its internal state. Only public actions such as payments are visible to the world.

Dive Deeper

Want to learn all about how Arbitrum can enable you to build new applications that faster & safer?

Learn how it works

Want to learn even more details about how Arbitrum works? Read our original academic paper from the archives, published at USENIX Security 2018.

Read our original academic paper

Ready to dig into the code and start using Arbitrum today with our developer preview? Check out our developer website

Read the code

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Ed Felten is Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Offchain Labs. He is on leave from Princeton University, where he is the Robert E. Kahn Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs. From 2015 to 2017 he served at the White House as Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer and senior advisor to the President. He is an ACM Fellow and member of the National Academy of Engineering. Outside of work, he is an avid runner, cook, and L.A. Dodgers fan.

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Lee Bousfield is a software engineer specialized in cryptocurrency and cryptography, having worked at Kraken and Nano. He's usually working on the Arbitrum Virtual Machine, or in his free time, playing video games.

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Joshua Colvin is a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. When he is not working, he enjoys cooking and making craft cocktails.

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Robert Gates is a Software Engineer with a degree in mathematics and an in progress Msc in Mathematics and Computer Science. When he is not working, he enjoys playing table tennis and writing music.

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Daniel Goldman is a software developer, writer, and all-around crypto-enthusiast. He previously co-founded Abacus, providing technical consulting for projects in the cryptocurrency space. He has an undergraduate background in Mathematics and Philosophy. When he's not coding, tweet-storming, or reading whitepapers, he enjoys chess, playing guitar, and riding his bike.

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Frederico Lacs is a Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science. He is fascinated by distributed ledger technology, complex systems, and the oxford comma.

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Daniel Silvereberg has a BA in Economics from Queens College and brings with him a vast knowledge of sales and client relationships. He has worked in collaboration with multinational brands and Fortune 500 companies. Daniel has a deep understanding of operations, sales, and business development. He brings this knowledge and experience to the team as the Operations Manager since 2019.

A.J. Warner
Director of Partnerships and Strategy

A.J. Warner has a JD/MBA from New York University and worked as a transactional attorney prior to joining Offchain Labs. When he is not working, A.J. can be found spending time with his family or playing hockey.

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